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Odelicate Crystal Wedding Shoes

A pair of crystal wedding shoes is one of the most popular shoes a bride can dream of. But what is so special about them? And why are they a must-have for many brides? There is always one reason for this: It completes the fairytale experience because we all love to feel like Cinderella on our big day. There are many different types of crystal wedding shoes, from the classic all-over type to graded crystals or mixed-in pearl details. These are timeless classic styles that will last for a long time.

For Odelicate brides, we offer a special twist to the classic crystal wedding shoes.  We purposely paid every attention to making our shoes easy to match and versatile.  We use only the highest quality materials and leather to ensure the shoes will last for a long time.  We encourage our customers to wear their shoes to beautiful wedding events, annual dinners, or evening dinner events. Our signature crystal wedding pump Darin is a great example of transforming pumps, we created cut-out details to the upper of the shoes, and also added in an extra suede string tie for brides to customize their look.  This helps to transform their look from day to evening, or from pre-wedding to their big day.  We target to make our shoes more sustainable by providing extra features to make it transformable from day to evening for every occasion. For brides who are looking for a more classic look with a metal crystal buckle touch, Amma is the perfect pair for you.  We have specially designed a delicate crystal floral buckle to enhance the romantic essence of Amma.  This style comes in silk and lace fabric which looks stunning when worn with a wedding gown. Nevertheless, we also offer a carefully-curated selection of crystal wedding shoes, which would make it easy for any bride to find their dream pair. 

We believe crystal wedding shoes are just like a piece of fine jewelry for your feet. Every piece of crystal is carefully handcrafted on the upper of the shoes.  They are carefully placed into the metal settings just like a piece of fine jewelry.  We sort out the different size of crystals and handpicked only the best quality ones to place on our buckle. They are truly a piece of art which would capture everyone’s attention, no matter the occasion. So come and discover our range of Odelicate crystal wedding shoes, and you will surely treasure them just like your jewelry collection.