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Odelicate Lace Wedding Shoes

The most intricate wedding dresses are made of beautiful lace covers with hand embellishments.  We often see vintage floral lace pattern incorporate with see thru mesh.  For brides who love lace patterns, we offer the sophisticated Amma lace wedding shoes.  This is one of the most lovely styles we offer, in off white lace mesh fabric and a beautiful vintage inspired crystal floral buckle.  A soft and simple cutting lace wedding dress will be a perfect match.

In addition to Amma, Amelia is her pretty sister which we have used a mixture of materials to create layers of exciting details.  You will find mesh, iridescent glitter fabric, silk and leather in this simple pair of lace wedding shoes.  All these materials work in perfect harmony.  Amelia is a modern simplify version of royal buckle mesh pumps.  With such elegant style, we love seeing this with lace dresses that have special cutting, such as a mermaid cut or frontal center cut dresses which you will be seeing the intricate, see-through details.


When brides are hesitant in what to wear with their wedding gown, lace wedding shoes will be one of the most easily matching styles, that would effortlessly complete your bridal look from head to toe.  Odelicate lace wedding shoes are not only beautiful, but they are also very comfortable, and the mesh generally gives an easy stretch to fit into different sizes of feet.   We purposely added mesh lining to our lace shoes in order to increase the flexibility.  If you have normal sized feet, they will fit perfectly fine.  For customers with wider feet, mesh will help the show conform better to shape your feet.  We have also added extra padding to the sock in order to enhance the level of comfort, so you can wear them all day long during your wedding.  For the sole of the shoes, we used beautiful leather sole which is extra durable.  The last we use are very slimming which can visually elongate the legs. Lace is an essential material for wedding, this is a timeless dress style for wedding occasions. At Odelicate, we ensure our brides can always find their perfect pair for every occasion.