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Odelicate High Heel Wedding Shoes

When brides are looking for a pair of high heel wedding shoes, they often ask: What is the perfect heel height?  What kind of heel height is the most comfortable?  Should I wear high heel pumps or high heel sandals for my wedding?  There are many questions to be answered.  

Normally, brides often select 75-100mm heel heights for their wedding day, the reason is to balance out the long wedding gown.  Since most wedding gowns have more or less a trail, 55-75mm is the most comfortable high heel bridal shoes within this range.  If you wear high heels regularly during your everyday life, you can consider 75mm as an easy walk around heel height for your big day.  

When considering to go with sandals or high heel bridal shoes for your dress, the first question we would ask is: When will be your big day?  Will this be an indoor wedding or outdoor ceremony?  The types of high heel bridal shoes you would select are mainly dictated by venue or weather conditions.  If brides prefer a more secure fitting pair of shoes, having a pair of heel sandals with ankle straps can be a great option.  If you are wondering: Why would I select high heel shoes instead of flats?  The answer is if you prefer to shape your calf muscle to elongate your leg, you will surely get this visual effect by deciding to go with high heel wedding shoes.   If you prefer to balance comfort and beauty, we would recommend a 75mm high heel wedding shoes.  

Many people might have concerns with high heels as being unsafe when walking around.  At Odelicate, we pay attention to the heel and balance of the shoes to ensure our customers can feel comfortable and secure while wearing our shoes.  In addition, we offer a range of different heel details such as metal heels, crystal heels and leather covered heels for a bride’s selection.  Therefore, they can select the heel they want based on the style of their wedding dress.  We also provide two different outsole options for our brides, a natural leather sole for the subtle bride and a silver glitter leather sole for the bride who wants to feel more special.  No matter what type of high heel wedding shoes you are looking for, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your wedding dress at Odelicate.